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Tribute name: Rotor
PB image link: Quinton Lopez
Age: 14
Sex: m
District: 5
Score: 2

Basic Information: Rotor's family is a difficult one to deal with at times. Rotor was always a bit of a follower and pushover, and when it came to his family, the idea of saying no to something was a non-option. Often getting into altercations with Peacekeepers or going a little too far with energy research, much of Rotor's family has gone in and out of the small holding facilities in District five, knowing full well that this is the least of possible punishments-- perhaps kept alive for their work. Through visit after visit, Rotor eventually became something of an errand boy for them though part of him wished not to be.

At the time, some years ago now, an older girl had become friends with him, acting sort of as the sister he never had. An independent girl herself, she tried to foster this independence in him as well, encouraging Rotor to stick up for himself. However, on the seventy fourth hunger games, this friend was reaped.

Rotor watched those Games close, following his friend who had chosen to make her way alone from start to finish. That finish being when she ate a handful of nightlock berries and was killed by their poison. Rotor was sick many times watching those games, but nothing was so bad as that. His friend knew well about all kinds of plants and which one were poisonous and not. He couldn't help but wonder...

Rather than feel angry or upset over his friend, Rotor felt ashamed of himself. He couldn't figure if his friend had needed someone afterall-- perhaps he should've said something before she left. Or maybe it was the fact he still couldn't break out of his follower habits despite, as she had said to him once, being smart enough to make his own way. Maybe it was that, either way, he was a coward.

When the reaping comes, Rotor is not prepared for it.

Arena Information: Rotor has no fighting or survival skills whatsoever. His knowledge of poisonous and edible plants is decent, but not great. He's not likely to take the lead in any situation and doesn't have great mental fortitude for the games. He does, however, have a great deal of intelligence and could figure out how to make a fairly good trap. He would try to kill to defend himself, but it would be a harrowing experience for him.

David by Noah Gundersen
In The Woods Somewhere by Hozier
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